true feelings
I find myself here because it's become impossible to share my true thoughts anywhere else anymore...

Facebook and other sites like Instagram are just highly calculated ruses, where people only display their best possible light for fear of offending anyone else. Which is a legitimate fear, considering everybody's cousins, mothers, and grandmas are all on facebook now.

Sometimes negative thoughts are posted, but they're all thinly veiled cries for attention or fishing for compliments. If you really thought you looked like crap today, I really doubt you'd be posting 20 webcam pictures of yourself, makeup to the nines and posed just so your face looks slightly thinner.

I'm on here because I like being part of an online community where people actually share how they feel...not some bullshit agenda. Nobody here would know me from "real life", and I'm perfectly happy with that, because I'm blowing off steam and not everyone would be pleased with that.

I'm known as a positive and laid back person, and I generally am, but sometimes it gets exhausting.

Well I must go and walk the dog now, ttyl.


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